Our son Gregory graduated in June 2014 after attending Hayes Day School for the past thirteen years. We are truly thankful to the highly professional, dedicated and supportive staff. In spite of his many disabilities, Gregory has achieved more than we could have imagined. He has learned to be more independent, confident, helpful and creative. We attribute this to the tireless effort of an incredible staff! In addition to the staff, the campus is beautiful and the classrooms are well equipped. The combination of excellent staff and physical atmosphere creates an environment that is highly conducive to learning. Although it is difficult for Gregory to say goodbye to Hayes Day School, thanks to your program, he is well prepared for the next phase of his life. We will never forget all that you have done for Gregory!

Our Sincerest Thanks,
Gregory, Gerard and Kathy Knight

When Matthew was diagnosed five years ago we didn’t have a lot of hope. Then we came to the Hayes Day School and they gave us hope and so much more. Four years later I have the son that doctors told me I would never have. The staff at the Hayes Day School are amazing at how they care for all the kids who come through the doors. The Hayes Day School has been a blessing to me and my son.