Classroom Specialization

Each of our 9 classrooms are uniquely structured to meet the varied needs of our individual students. In consultation with Anderson Center for Autism we provide behavioral supports as needed. The majority of our classrooms have only six students with a certified special education teacher, a certified teaching assistant and two classroom aides.

We have classes designed to meet the specific needs of those students who have physical, medical and intellectual challenges. All classroom staff are professionally trained and work side by side with physical, occupational and speech therapists to create a comprehensive educational program designed to meet the very unique needs of these students.

We have classrooms that provide a program to meet the needs of students with emerging and developing academic skills who may have physical or medical needs that cannot be met in a less restrictive environment. Through our intense staffing ratios, we are able to develop a program that meets the individual needs of each and every student.

We also have classrooms designed to support and assist students who may have behavioral challenges along with their intellectual disability. We use data based behavioral support programs that are overseen by our psychologist and reviewed regularly for effectiveness.

All classrooms are supported by the trans-disciplinary approach incorporating all members of a student’s educational team.