Physical Therapy

Our students move during the day with the necessary supports to be successful in increasing their ability to function within the classroom and achieving independence navigating the school environment.

As movement helps facilitate learning, our physical therapists design an individualized plan for each student to assist them in achieving their highest  potential.

Our physical therapists work collaboratively with occupational therapists, speech therapists or music therapists, as well as classroom,  adaptive PE and vision teachers to implement their individualized plan as part of each students classroom activity.  Physical Therapists work with students throughout the school building; in the classrooms, in the gym or one of the physical therapy rooms.

Your child’s physical therapy may include:

  • Activities to develop and enhance gross motor skills
  • Individualized movement plans with or without an assistive device to help your child navigate the school environment
  • Modified therapeutic exercise and activity to develop and enhance strength, balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Use of adaptive equipment as Hayes School has a variety of equipment such as gait trainers and standers that can be trialed with your child to best fit their needs in the least restrictive way
  • Our therapy rooms consist of a variety of sensory and vestibular equipment that is greatly enhanced with the technology of iPads and SMART Boards. We have a large multipurpose gym  and therapy rooms for those individuals who require minimal distractions.

Our physical therapy team offers wheelchair and orthotic clinics.  We work closely with vendors who come to our campus to fit your child with the necessary equipment needed to help them achieve their very best at Hayes Day School.

Wheelchair Vendors

Home Health Pavilion
Joe Quaisar, ATS
5027 Route 9W
Newburgh, NY 12550

18 Hemlock St
Latham, NY 12210

Orthotics/ Prosthetics

Children’s O&P Services Inc.
Brendan P. Rooney, Certified Orthotist
60 Park Lane, Suite 1
Highland, NY 12528

CPO Clinical Prosthetics + Orthotics
Sean Sullivan, BOCO, CPA
7 Mansion Street, Suite 200
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

The physical therapists at Hayes Day School are licensed professionals with advanced education and experience working with children with special needs.  Our physical therapists participate in continuing education and professional development to provide up to date, comprehensive evidence-based physical therapy services.